TRABZONDA JEWELRY, PROBLEMS and SOLUTIONS
            Jewelry in Trabzon, ancient history is based. Trabzon Black Sea from Central Asia and the Turks who settled in the environment due to pemphigoid Tibarenler, processing of stones and metals; Elizanlar brought knitting.
            Showing the development of this profession to the present day, Trabzon is the basis of the goldsmith.
            Fatih Sultan Mehmet in 1461 in Trabzon after the conquest of this goal in a silver mining operation and remove the raw silver of the animals back in the Trabzon Port of introduction, and from there by sea to Istanbul delivery to Trabzon trade and jewelry profession contributed yielded.
            Trabzon as the prince was born in Trabzon Sultan Selim and sultan Süleyman the Magnificent jewelry and jewelers have learned is very important.
            Yavuz Sultan Selim, a prince and his father had learned the jewelry in Trabzon . Excavated coins that have been learned from Evliya Bayezid behalf.
            While working as an apprentice goldsmith by Suleiman the Magnificent, Master of his coach, Constantine could not do the job, her teacher was outraged and I'll be at bat in 1000, he had sworn.
Hearing this, Valide Sultan, the presence of master jeweler called Constantine and his son had asked forgiveness. Under his 1000 will and even forgives his son said. Queen Mother asked to have accepted the Master of Constantine and his apprentice in his hand under Solomon summoned by giving it to the bottom of said thin wire 100. To fulfill the oath that Solomon brought fine gold wires to a base 10 times and had hit Solomon. Thus, these patterns hold true to the oath was Konstantin Masters, Solomon is also drawn in lighter sentence.
            For centuries, this small moment of jewelry that are used today by more current legislation and commercial documents indicate.
At that time, the jeweler, as secure as it is today, is someone he trusted.
            Jewelry in Trabzon and the Black Sea in this period, usually of silver earrings, rings, respectively. Obtained in this way, ornaments, glass and other pieces were decorated by adding.
            Yavuz Sultan Selim conquered in Batumi whether Sanchez has joined the Trabzon. Gold City has diversified after this period of development began with the participation of the Caucasus, and handcrafts unique Straw was born in Trabzon.
            1917 years before the Russians came to Trabzon with the Imperial Russian army to go back and teach here, and the Turkish masters live Straw processing.
            Today the Caucasus is an example of this being a confirmation of Turkish handicrafts.
            Filigree netting is based on the profession. Mesh City is the product of a filigree. Women are usually made of netting.
            Ottoman Muslim women go out, the jeweler went to the gold or silver wire receive, received wire woven and fashioned to bring socially not possible, netting generally minority women are making. It continued that way until the Republican period. Republic of Turkey have removed the discrimination between the sexes, the Muslim Turkish women in social life also took place. Now the Muslim Turkish woman would not be telkariyenin hand tossed into the netting and mesh, and the Silver City now has to undertake the important task. Gold and silver thread, lace work, such as the pleural wife's name came up today and took place in memories. On that day the names of the present master of the straw between Dagestan and the Caucasus Haci Mehmet Ibrahim Horololus names are still living.
            Jewelry Trabzon Trabzon today forms the basis of the mesh, the machine could not enter the craft is known as one. And eyes of light, completely handmade product.
            Gumushane operation of silver mines in the regional as well as the development of the City of Gold has been supported locally.
            Gold filigree base faces of Trabzon. Hasircilik basic capital of the windows are polished. Hasircilik our country and the world, despite the unique and evolving technology of the machine is not able to craft unique and rare. Trabzon is the only brand that introduced many years.
            City of Gold; showcase of jewelry, straw studios,kniting ladies, silver filigree workshop to produce them within the country and consists of marketing the profession is a family we call bager. Serving as a mechanic in this profession also is an important pillar. Numerically in this profession, showcase jewelry 65, Straw Studios 32, 3000-3500 Mesh historical women, Telkariyeciler 40, Bracelet and Ring manufacturers 6, Jewelers mechanic has 25 business instead.
            Mesh City is in the unorganized producers in the capital in the hands of Istanbul has been subcontracted. Istanbul jewelry cast from 50-100 grams of a commodity when millieme charge, to be reduced to produce a 15-day time requirement of the City Straw millieme 10-15 grams are the price of labor. So, wants to make exports from Trabzon Trabzon, Istanbul, capital hasırcı sold cheaply in foreign markets with its own straw was forced to compete. Insufficient strength to compete with producers failed to Trabzon was forced to retreat. This is because the team spirit and unity of Trabzon, a manufacturer of wire mesh production and marketing can not do. Team has been working for years, but could not succeed.
            Trabzon Chamber of Jewelers and Watchmaker, taken first thing in the City to mat Geographical Indications, Geographical Indications Registration No. 26 501 No. 94 in the Official newapaper is published to date have been registered 22/09/2006.
            This is an important step to begin with. But it is not enough. Protection of Geographical Indications No. 555 Decree Law on the issue can not be solved with the City Straw.
            To mark in commerce in the market and it is very difficult to hold. For it is necessary to spend large sums of money, jewelry Trabzon is fortunate in this regard. Hold in the market and has been globally recognized brand is a brand, "TRABZON mat"
City to take advantage of this brand of jewelry;
Hasırcı be organized as a Corporation,
Domestic and overseas should participate in fairs,
Domestic marketing in the professional staff to use, (Self-produced goods for their markets, the producers want, the price in the hands of goods sold could not, bring back, rather than lower prices to sell, so the straw prices are lowered. Professional staff of the manufacturer said price to sell because prices fell not.)
Plans to do sales over the Internet,
Only domestic markets but also overseas markets should be opened,
Not for short-term interest, long-term studies should be done.
      City Jewelers to direct the future and save you from this vicious cycle and create long-term task of working for the Chamber of Jewellers, and civil society organizations, local governments have important responsibilities.
      There are many ways to get ahead. This road is full of obstacles must be overcome, though.
Being away from personal interests,
To share the team spirit,
With producing,
But with the markets
Care to share and gain along the way but can be overcome

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